Northern Ontario Travel Region

Northern Ontario is for fishermen - trophy fishing or flying in to a remote wilderness camp.
Northern Ontario is for boaters - tens of thousands of lakes, from the mighty Superior on down, begging to be explored.

Kayaking on Lake Superior, ONtario, Canada.

Northern Ontario is for nature lovers - venture into the world's largest game preserve and observe magnificent wildlife like moose and caribou roaming freely.

Northern Ontario is a place where adventures are possible and rugged natural beauty can be found everywhere.

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Rainbow Country

Sunset on the Spanish River, near Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.The Rainbow Country travel region in Northern Ontario is named for a fondly remembered Canadian television show, "Adventures in Rainbow Country", from 1970.  This colourful region includes travel destinations such as Parry Sound, Sudbury, French River, Killarney Provincial Park and Manitoulin Island.  The deep blue Georgian Bay and the Thirty Thousand Islands area are the heart of this region.


Ontario's Near North

An afternoon boat cruise on Lake Nipissing, North Bay, Ontario, Canada.Ontario's Near North is a broad area covering Algonquin Provincial Park and the lands surrounding Lake Nipissing and Lake Temagami, both of which draw travellers and nature lovers in the thousands each season.

Nipissing is one of the largest non-Great lakes in Ontario, covering 300 square miles.  The regional centre of North Bay lies on its sandy shores, which has been a popular tourism destination since the days of the Dionne Quintuplets.



Algoma Country

The Algoma region has many attractions for summer and winter tourists.Algoma Country is centred around the city of Sault Ste. Marie, on the US-Canada border across from Northern Michigan.  This region is well served by regional paved highways, connecting the large northern cities of Kapuskasing, Sault Ste. Marie and Hearst.


North of Superior Travel Region

Fort William is a historical treasure in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.Thunder Bay is the gateway to a vast area of Ontario, larger than all of Southern Ontario combined, called North of Superior.  The vast, unspoiled interior of Northern Ontario awaits you!




Sunset Country

The city of Kenora lies on the Lake-of-the-Woods, Ontario, Canada.Ontario's Sunset Country is the Northern Ontario travel region that borders on Manitoba and Minnesota.  It is known as "Canada's Premier Fishing Destination", with more than 70,000 fishable lakes.  Their "catch and release all trophy-fish" program has maintained a high level of excellent fishing throughout the region.  Whether you fly-in to a remote lodge or drive up and stay at a housekeeping cabin or campsite, you're sure to collect a bucket full of memories!


James Bay Frontier

James Bay Frontier is the largest travel region in Ontario.  It stretches from Lake Temiskaming, south of Timmins, all the way to James Bay and Hudson Bay.  Still, many areas are within a day's drive from some of the largest cities in Canada and the USA.  Only one day's drive to visit a wilderness region free from smog and light pollution, filled with wildlife, lakes and forests.

Only in the James Bay Frontier region can you spot this fellow.This area's many provincial parks offer camping, canoeing, hiking, and in Cochrane, Ontario's Polar Bear Habitat, you can swim in the same pool as the bears!  (Separated by glass, of course.)


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