James Bay Frontier

James Bay Frontier is the largest travel region in Ontario.  It stretches from Lake Temiskaming, south of Timmins, all the way to James Bay and Hudson Bay.  Still, many areas are within a day's drive from some of the largest cities in Canada and the USA.  Only one day's drive to visit a wilderness region free from smog and light pollution, filled with wildlife, lakes and forests.

Only in the James Bay Frontier region can you spot this fellow.This area's many provincial parks offer camping, canoeing, hiking, and in Cochrane, Ontario's Polar Bear Habitat, you can swim in the same pool as the bears!  (Separated by glass, of course.)

The cities of Timmins, Cochrane, Moosonee, Kirkland Lake and dozens of small communities cater to the needs of travellers with high-quality resorts, inns, hotels and campsites.  Whether you drive, fly, paddle in or take the train service direct from Toronto, the James Bay Frontier area has the scenery and excitement you're looking for!


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