Eastern Ontario Travel Region

Skating on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, Canada.Eastern Ontario offers wondrous attractions, quiet resorts, world-class fishing, boating and sailing, and welcoming, friendly communities that both offer amazing experiences to visitors and respect their custodianship of irreplaceable natural beauty.  Attractions and accommodations are available year-round, from Ottawa's Winterfest to August's Festival of the Islands!
Sandbanks Provincial Park in Picton, Ontario, Canada is famous for its beaches.Eastern Ontario is home to vacation and adventure destinations that travellers have been flocking to for decades, such as Algonquin Park, Canada's capital Ottawa, and the Thousand Islands.  There are also new tourism regions that provide that "undiscovered country" feel for adventurous holidayers, like Prince Edward County with its beaches, wineries and restaurants, or the Rideau Heritage Route with its special focus on the history and wonder of the Rideau Canal and environs.


Quaint cottages sprinkled among the Thousand Islands, Ontario, Canada.This region, falling between the major Canadian cities of Toronto and Montréal, has for centuries been the focal point of exploration, trade, and recreation made possible by a rich natural heritage.  The area is overlaid with lakes, rivers and streams set amongst a rough rocky countryside still covered to a large extent by a diverse forest.  The incredible natural beauty mixed with the region's indisputable importance in the history of building the Nation of Canada makes a combination that will have you coming back to discover more about Eastern Ontario year after year!

For more information about the individual cities and counties of Eastern Ontario, browse the articles below or visit the Ontario government tourism website.

The Ottawa River Waterway

The Ottawa River Waterway has something for everyone. Extending for over 1200km, the river starts far to the northwest at Lake Timiskaming and flows towards Ottawa and joins the St. Lawrence at Montreal. Boaters traveling from the St. Lawrence can navigate the Ottawa River to Ottawa and then enter the Rideau Waterway.

From the excitement of whitewater rafting, to the unique experience of "wilderness boating" to the serenity of sheltered coves, the Ottawa River Waterway offers visitors a range of water and land based activity.


Travelling in Eastern Ontario

Cycling in Lanark County, Ontario, Canada.

Adventure, Hospitality and Exploration are just a click away!

Dynamic cities, picturesque countryside, exciting festivals and events await you in Eastern Ontario...


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