Customs Information

Canada Customs and Immigration is currently exercising increased vigilance at all points of entry into Canada. Please be prepared to show photo identification and birth certificates to demonstrate your eligibility to enter Canada. Most visitors will need a valid passport, and many will require visitor’s visas. Different requirements exist for citizens or permanent residents of the United States, St. Pierre, Miquelon, and Greenland.

No passports or visas are required for citizens from the United States. However, a passport will facilitate your entry into Canada.

For more information contact Canada Customs Services at 506-636-5064 (outside of Canada), 416-973-8022 or 1-800-461-9999 (within Canada) or visit Canada Customs online at You may also contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada at 416-973-4444 or 1-888-242-2100 or visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada online at The Canadian Embassy nearest you is also a good source of information.

duty free shopping

Motorists crossing the U.S./Ontario border will be able to enjoy the duty-free shopping on the Ontario side for goods that are to be taken with you directly into the United States. Visitors should be aware of your own country’s regulations regarding duty-free limits.

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